Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Blind Man

            Two years ago, in a normal visit to a chicken restaurant; in Honduras, I encountered an outstanding man. This man had the weirdest song, ever.  He sang about not being able to dance with money and silver. The only thought coming to my head was: how in the world are people paying to hear this? I mean, it had a catchy beat, but it wasn’t something I would pay for. I walked to where he was at. At that point, realizing he was blind. He wasn’t any ordinary blind man, he was playing the keyboard! I kept looking at him; seeing him rip some of the money he received. He was a strange man indeed. Thinking it was the only time I would see him, I left.
            Three days before I left, I saw him once again. Only, this time it was not in the restaurant. He was on the news. Being confused, I watched his amazing story. It turns out he became a lawyer. It was the first time I ever saw or even thought about a blind man being a lawyer. The news said it only took him three additional years; than any other “normal” student, to become a lawyer. The only thing he needed was for someone to accompany him in the courts. Seeing how much he accomplished on his own, this seemed like a piece of cake for him. I still can not grasp the idea of me seeing such an amazing man like this.
                        This man taught me that we are all able to accomplish any goal we have, no matter what handicap we might possess. Now I see that if I really want to become an acrobat I can. Even if it takes me two years to just do a flip, I will be able to join the circus someday. Being one of the most amazing persons I have crossed paths with, it is sad to say I can not remember his name. But then, they say that we forget the names of those who teach us the most.... or something like that.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Going in...

Hello everyone, my name is Jesenia Berumen. I am a freshman at Cal State Long Beach. I have to do this blog, for my English 100 class. I am not the best writer, so hopefully this will help me out, a lot. For the past eight years I have owned nine dogs. In case you are wondering, none of them have passed away. Dogs just seem to follow me. Owning so many dogs has made me realize; the massive love I have for them. They are the only ones I can tolerate, for a great amount of time.
            My dogs have been the only consistent thing throughout my life. Everything else just seems to dramatically change, or just vanish. My curiosity never stops; transforming my mind into a labyrinth. This labyrinth contains vortexes; these transport me somewhere new all the time. Instead of trying to stop this, I explore my surroundings. My posts will be about the places, these vortexes take me to. From astral projection, to lucid dreaming, no matter how weird the subject might get; anything that leaps into my mind will be revealed. Also, peculiar things I have witnessed throughout my life. So, follow me through this labyrinth, in the end it will all make sense…. At least, I hope so.