Friday, September 24, 2010

Going in...

Hello everyone, my name is Jesenia Berumen. I am a freshman at Cal State Long Beach. I have to do this blog, for my English 100 class. I am not the best writer, so hopefully this will help me out, a lot. For the past eight years I have owned nine dogs. In case you are wondering, none of them have passed away. Dogs just seem to follow me. Owning so many dogs has made me realize; the massive love I have for them. They are the only ones I can tolerate, for a great amount of time.
            My dogs have been the only consistent thing throughout my life. Everything else just seems to dramatically change, or just vanish. My curiosity never stops; transforming my mind into a labyrinth. This labyrinth contains vortexes; these transport me somewhere new all the time. Instead of trying to stop this, I explore my surroundings. My posts will be about the places, these vortexes take me to. From astral projection, to lucid dreaming, no matter how weird the subject might get; anything that leaps into my mind will be revealed. Also, peculiar things I have witnessed throughout my life. So, follow me through this labyrinth, in the end it will all make sense…. At least, I hope so.

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