Sunday, November 28, 2010

Getting Out?

Once upon a time, I woke up, and found myself floating above my body. I got really scared, I thought that maybe, just maybe, I was going to get possessed or receive magical powers. Being scared and all, I just closed my eyes, and might have called my mother, I’m not sure. The next day I was still scared, did I really have a Sabrina the teenage witch moment? You know, the one where she is about to receive her powers and floats in her sleep due to this. It felt pretty real, but I might have just been dreaming.
That morning I went crazy on Google, searching for an answer. It turns out I might have had an out of body experience, how cool is that? Very. Later on, I started looking up astral projection. I think it is pretty dandy, if it is real and all. I can imagine all the great things I could do  if I managed to astral project. I could visit my cousins in Honduras all the time, my friend who moved to Texas, too. Not only this, but I can project myself to a Gogol Bordello concert! That would be amazing! I was all into trying to astral projection for a week, then I became scared…what if I manage to astral project to a Gogol Bordello concert, but once it’s over I cannot find my body? That would suck, it is a great band and all but I wouldn’t die for it, no matter how cool Eugene Hutz’s mustache is. This summer we were floating on the beach, and my cousin told me that if you float on the beach for hours and hours you can astral project. Taking this as a sign, I will now try to visit my cousins in Honduras, without going on a plane. If I manage to this this I will save money, and I won’t have to take my shoes off in front of strangers. In the past I used to be scared, but today I read that you can’t lose connection with your body permanently. Apparently you have a strong bond with it, at least, according to a website. Hopefully it is true. The website is . Like it says, it has a guide for beginners. If it works, I hope to visit you soon! Haha, just kidding. If I ever travel like this, the first person… well, dog I would visit, would be Pinky. Maybe I will find out if dogs can really see more things than people can.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Last night...

Last night I was a gypsy. Not just any gypsy, but one that could fly and throw meteors from her hands. I would fly over a dark city, and throw meteors at whoever chased me. The only thing I could see were men dying at the first encounter with my meteors, their brooms were the only things left. I guess the brooms were meteor resistant; anyways, this does not matter, the only thing that matters is that I was flying.
In the past I used to have dreams where I would fly all the time. It became so constant in my dreams that I looked it up in  This website said that dreams where you are flying fall under lucid dreams. Lucid dreams are dreams where you know you are dreaming and are able to make your dreams anything you want.  Thinking it was pretty cool, I searched for ways to have lucid dreams all the time. I remember finding a method where you rock back and forth, this somehow lets you become aware that you are dreaming. I started doing this in my head, for example I just close my eyes and pretend I am going in circles. I kept doing this for a couple of days, and I believe it did help. During those days I had the greatest dreams ever, i would dream about a map, and I would decide what country I wanted to go to. I was able to see so many things. It got to a point where I was in a different country every day, seeing the people I hardly get to see. Not only this but every dream became a great movie, where I was able to have all sorts of super powers. But then, I eventually stopped trying to have these dreams. The main reason was that I was unsure if I was really having lucid dreams, I began to think that I was just dreaming about actually having them.
Anyways, lucid dreams can be of great benefit to you. You are able to do many things you don’t get the chance to do while you are awake. For example, studying! You can keep on reviewing facts in your dreams! Now that I think about it, every day before I had a US History exam I would review the information in my dreams. This would help memorize things while getting rest. According to you can use lucid dreams to practice for a speech, overcome fears and a lot more. I believe everyone should try to have lucid dreams, so that they can make their dreams anything they want, to explore things they are normally afraid of, or to just study, ha-ha. Now, I will try to have lucid dreams once again, I had forgotten how great it felt to fly.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


                Today is another year I have had Pinky by my side. Pinky is my dog, I do not know what breed she is; she’s a mixed with Chihuahua I guess, that’s what the vet said. Anyways, it does not matter I would still love her is she was an elephant, even a skunk. She was a birthday present from some strangers.  These strangers have given me the greatest gift of all. Having her companion for the past seven years has been great. When I wake she goes and sees me, I feel it as if it’s her way of saying good morning. I think it’s the sweetest good morning one can receive. She’s mean and I like it, well, I don’t dislike it like my brother. Every time he picks a fight with me she barks at him, and she has even bitten him ha-ha. If that’s not love, then I don’t know what is. Well, yeah, she is the best dog ever. When I think of her becoming old, and eventually dying it’s really sad. I don’t know if it’s because I love her so much, or because, well never mind it’s because I love her haha.
                Last week she stole a bone from me! Now, this isn’t bad most of the times, but, she almost choked. At first, she was making her little I am going to bite you face, but I guess eventually she found out if she didn’t open up she would die. So, I put my hand in her throat, but nothing was found. At this point I started panicking, so did my mom. I was like” maaa! Ma!! “and she put her hand in her throat too! (not at the same time, separately)But,  yet again, nothing . Her tongue was turning purple and she started to throw out a lot of saliva. Then I almost cried, I don’t how, but I ended outside of my house. Thank god I did, by going outside I saw where the bone was at. It was at her mouth roof, well I don’t know what you call it but it was there. Now I see that I need good lighting in my living room. If I wouldn’t have gone out to the sunlight, a big piece of my heart would be missing, yeah, it sounds pretty lame but it’s true. Without her I wouldn’t have a reason to feed my brother dog cookies. This thanksgiving I’m thankful for Pinky; my main “dawg”, not dying.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


            A long time ago I saw a documentary on The Egyptian Book of the Dead. A book that was made to guide Egyptians through the obstacles they would face in the afterlife. It was placed in their tombs, and contained spells and instructions needed to reach paradise. In the end of their journey, they would encounter Osiris; the god of the afterlife, and he would weigh their soul’s heart against the feather of truth and harmony. If the heart was heavier than feather it was thrown to Amenti (a terrifying beast), who immediately devoured it. But, if it was lighter than the feather, the golden gates were opened so that the person could go into paradise. Since I saw it a long time ago my memory is a bit sketchy. I only remember what the end.
            Only remembering the end has made me wonder many things. For example, if the man who used the book couldn’t walk, would he be able to float around? Or would he just give up? And not even purchase a book to begin with.  But, then again it is the after life, so probably health and disabilities don’t matter, most likely they don’t. Also, they would get the book specially made for them. What if the person who was in charge of making their book hated them, and gave them all the wrong spells on purpose? I wonder if they included music in this, I can’t help but think that if I was going through this journey The Pink Panther theme song would be playing.
Since I forgot most of the things about The Egyptian Book of the Dead I plan on searching for the documentary, or even reading about it. Hopefully I end up finding the answers to all my questions. It would be interesting to find out what their spells really say and if their gods have some special scent, or even if they can smell in the afterlife.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Today I was walking with my mother and I told her “Mom, I think I have worms, I’ve been eating so much, yet my stomach feels empty.”  She just laughed a bit, I guess she just thought it was an excuse to eat more or something, or that I was playing around, I tend to tell her strange stuff. But still, I began thinking about parasites. For this past week I have been eating A LOT. On Friday two of my friends, and I went to Islands. One of them wanted to get take out, but I said” Noooooo, I want a million fries.” (They have unlimited fries.) Luckily, we ate there, but in the end I wasn’t full at all. I was left wondering if I would have actually eaten a million fries if we stayed there longer, probably not, but I know I would have devoured a lot more. Once I got home my mother was cooking, and it smelled very, very good, so I ate a large bowl of it (some pasta thing I don’t know that name of).  Still, I wasn’t full. A bit later, well, three hours later I ate a giant burrito. I thought it would get me full, but did it? No. Now I really think worms are invading my stomach.  It isn’t a nice thought at all.
            About a hundred years ago, well too long ago for me to remember, I saw a show about parasites. It kept me glued to the screen, even though it was somewhat nasty. (seeing people evacuate worms isn’t nice at all).They were showing a lot of  worms in peoples’ brain, heart(I think), and eyes. Imagine that, looking at your reflection one day, seeing a tiny, thin, white worm taking a ride in your eye. I don’t know about you, but I’d be scared to death. That would mean those little suckers are in your brain, eating everything they encounter. I’d like to keep my brain bite free, so I definitely don’t want that. Seeing this show would make many want to get rid of these visitors. You can see what you can eat to eliminate parasites .

Oh! Well it turns out parasites are not to blame for my appetite increase, if I had parasites I would actually have a smaller appetite. Still, it would not hurt  trying  to kill these visitors, if I do have them that is.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Going Metro, Kinda


             For the past week I have had to go Metro in order to get to school. At first I was scared that I was not going to make it in time, but thanks to Metro Regional Trip Planner I get to school twenty minutes earlier than what I normally do. The first day I had to ride the bus in the morning (like at 6:30), I was amazed at how packed it was. I would think most people would be sleeping, well never mind everyone has to work and all, but still, I thought it would be empty. But it was so packed that there was nowhere to sit.
As I was standing, hoping for a seat to be released, I couldn’t help but laugh. Standing is not what made me laugh, but remembering all the things I have seen happen in a bus. It seems as there isn’t a day when a ride on a bus can go on normally. Every time, well many times I ride the bus I have a new story to tell my friends. I can recall an old, bald man, wearing a green coat taking off his shoes while he waited for his stop. The smell managed to reach everyone, you could see everyone covering their noses, but I just laughed. Later on, he stood up, and was opening all the windows, a few minutes later he just closed them, he said something about catching a cold. There have been many times when a man in a wheel chair is miraculously cured at his stop. I guess weird people become free somehow when they ride a bus, for this I’m thankful, it gives many passengers the chance to laugh. Well, at least I laugh at most of the things that go on in a bus. So yeah, I was wondering if you had any stories you would like to share of the times you have ridden a bus.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Last week, on Thursday, I was going Metro to CSULB. I was almost falling asleep, when I heard some lady say "TICKET". For some reason, I thought she was buying them from the passengers, but I saw the lady sitting next to me wake up and hand her the ticket so that she could check it, not buy it. I think it is pretty cool how people can wake up on their stop; if I did this I would end up who knows where. Any how, one of the passengers didn't have a ticket, so the lady asked “do you have an id" he nodded and gave it to her. She was writing down all his info in a small yellow notebook, she then asked "sir, what’s your address?” he answered "homeless". Now, I don't know if he was lying or not, probably so, he didn’t look homeless at all, he had some really nice shoes on, but, maybe, just maybe, he got them at an alley or something. But, I really can’t tell, one thing is for sure, the lady didn’t hand him back any ticket of some sort. Can it be that she sent it to the house that he doesn’t live in?
It seems you can not know who actually is homeless, or who actually needs money or not. I remember a couple years ago, a lady was crying, while knocking on everyone’s door. She came to my aunt’s house, asked my cousin, our friends, and I for some money. Her mother had just gotten ran over by a car, and died. Feeling sorry for her we all gave her some cash. A few minutes later my aunt was like “ohhhh nooo, you guys shouldn’t have given her any money, her mom dies every weekend.” This just got us mad, how can someone lie like that? Now, whenever I give money to people on the streets I just hope they actually need it, and not to buy booze either.