Saturday, November 6, 2010


Last week, on Thursday, I was going Metro to CSULB. I was almost falling asleep, when I heard some lady say "TICKET". For some reason, I thought she was buying them from the passengers, but I saw the lady sitting next to me wake up and hand her the ticket so that she could check it, not buy it. I think it is pretty cool how people can wake up on their stop; if I did this I would end up who knows where. Any how, one of the passengers didn't have a ticket, so the lady asked “do you have an id" he nodded and gave it to her. She was writing down all his info in a small yellow notebook, she then asked "sir, what’s your address?” he answered "homeless". Now, I don't know if he was lying or not, probably so, he didn’t look homeless at all, he had some really nice shoes on, but, maybe, just maybe, he got them at an alley or something. But, I really can’t tell, one thing is for sure, the lady didn’t hand him back any ticket of some sort. Can it be that she sent it to the house that he doesn’t live in?
It seems you can not know who actually is homeless, or who actually needs money or not. I remember a couple years ago, a lady was crying, while knocking on everyone’s door. She came to my aunt’s house, asked my cousin, our friends, and I for some money. Her mother had just gotten ran over by a car, and died. Feeling sorry for her we all gave her some cash. A few minutes later my aunt was like “ohhhh nooo, you guys shouldn’t have given her any money, her mom dies every weekend.” This just got us mad, how can someone lie like that? Now, whenever I give money to people on the streets I just hope they actually need it, and not to buy booze either.           

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