Sunday, October 31, 2010


            Last summer, my cousin asked me how people found out what we could eat. The only response she got from me was by eating it, of course. Now that I think of it, how did people find out what we can eat? I mean, did thousands of people die in order to find an edible fruit, out of a million? Then, suppose a few people wander off by themselves, they find a good looking leaf, once they eat it they die. But, since they are by themselves, no one sees what caused their death. Does this mean that people kept on dying, by eating the same plant? Were groups made in order to find out what people could eat or not?
            Today, I a memory came up. About one hundred years ago, well, eight, my friend and I were in her garden. She has one of the largest gardens I have ever been in. There are many different colored roses; yellow, red, pink and other flowers, as well. Since all those flowers were beautiful, I got the great idea of trying them out. My friend was willing to give it a shot too. So, we started plucking petals out of the flowers. In the end, we found out that they did not taste as good as they appeared. All of them were quite bitter. I am a huge fan of sour candy, but these flowers were just bad. Now that I think of it, we were very dumb, just eating any flowers that seemed good is not the best idea. We are lucky that we did not poison ourselves. But, I still think there has to be some flowers that taste as good as they appear. So now I will try many more, but with the help of this website: That way I don’t end up with an upset stomach, or dead....Ha-ha.

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  1. I believe that people who move into a new area usually watch what the animals eat. If an animal can eat it, it's likely not poisonous for humans, though that doesn't mean it will taste good.