Sunday, October 10, 2010

Remembering How Things Add up

                This summer I went to Mexico, and realized I have a really weird aunt. Well, weird to my family, she is perfectly normal to me. She was telling me how she would go dance at a cemetery, with a band of Indians. I remember asked her if she was scared of the dead chasing her, she just told me no, that they were actually there to take care of her. I just told her “okay” and wondered if the weird maracas were what she called that dead with, but I don’t think they do call the dead. I guess they just welcome the dead to dance with them, or something like that. One day it was raining, so we just started to talk. She told me that she had learned how to do tantric numerology. At first I was like “wow, that sounds great, but I have no idea what it is”, she just told me that it would help me out; somehow. I told her that she should totally do my numbers then. About a week later, she remembered, and got numbers out of my birthday. She added some up, and according to her they meant my soul, my weaknesses, strengths, and gifts I had received from a previous life. Now, that just confused me. I told her to keep on going though. After giving me all the numbers, she looked them up. Some of those numbers were correct in many ways. Like my weakness was that I am lazy, I can definitely see that. One of my gifts was that I was a prophet, ha-ha I asked her about that one though. She said that it means I say real weird stuff. Another number said that another weakness was that I am hard to understand. I really see how that can be true, at times I say real cool stuff, that just makes you wonder, but other times I just confuse people too much. Another of my qualities was that I had the ability to make people laugh easily, which is true, well sometimes.  All of this left me wondering if numbers really do mean something else. Since it is 10-10-10 today, hearing them say that a lot of people got married, because it was lucky, reminded me of my aunt, and her interesting interests.

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