Saturday, October 2, 2010

Crystals in the Air

                Walking around, I saw an interesting little tree for sale. This tree is not your average tree. Unlike normal trees, this one does not need water.  But, like a normal tree it needs sunlight. It charges off sunlight and even moonlight. What kind of tree is it? It is a gem/ crystal tree.  Its branches are composed of wires; each wire holds a crystal or gem. In total, there are thirty-three gems and crystals. Each one has a purpose. From curing a cold; to improving your self-esteem, according to , they can help you do it all.
                Crystals and gems are believed to have healing powers and positive effects on your life. They each give off different vibrations; these vibrations are the ones responsible for all the deeds they perform. There are some who say crystals can cure fevers; that, they even help you remember things! I think that is amazing, if I find the right gem I will be able to get straight A’s.  At least it says that in: .  I have no reason to believe if this is true or not. Maybe it is just a lie, one that will make you fill up your room of gems and crystals. Can crystals and gems really help you out, by just sending good vibes? I mean, when you go somewhere feeling bad vibes, the outcome is usually bad. Can it be the same for these? By giving you good vibrations, can they improve your day? Can they really eliminate all the bad vibes you gather daily?  Will they be able to give you good health, while bringing good luck, and even love? I guess the only way to find out is by trying it. So, I bought this peculiar tree. In a few weeks I will be able to see if it changes anything. Maybe, just maybe it will. Maybe someday, when a bird is about to evacuate its bowels on my head, a crystal might be able to deflect its little surprise.

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