Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Duck or an Eagle

            As I was checking my e-mail, I came upon “Un Pato Que esta Luchando Por ser una Aquila” (A Duck that is Fighting to Become an Eagle).  I asked myself “what shenanigans did my aunt send me this time?” Well, I was soon going to find out. It is a story about a man who gets into an awesome taxi. This taxi was sparkly clean.  Not only was it super dandy, but its driver was a jolly man, that was willing to feed the man anything he craved. At this point, I thought the man who got in the taxi, was dead. That the driver was some sort of angel. His mission was to taking him to paradise. Besides thinking this, I was confused….How can this be about a duck that wants to be an eagle? Well, as I kept reading I began to understand. In the past, the driver was a bitter man, complaining about everything, until he was enlightened by a story he heard on the radio. It was about how some people are like ducks, they only make noise, others are like eagles, flying around, enjoying their surroundings. The ducks end up with bad days, but the eagles with awesome ones.  Why? Unlike ducks, those who are much like eagles wake up thinking that they are going to have a grand day, so they actually do.  The ducks just see the negative things, so that is what they get .After he heard this story, the driver changed his ways, he began taking care of his taxi, and adding premium services, like a coffee machine. This gave him a lot of new customers, and a pretty full wallet.
            I wasn’t confused anymore; I now wanted to be a shiny eagle, or at least one with working wings. So the next day I woke up, thinking that it would be an amazing day, not complaining about getting four hours of sleep. Later on, as I was eating, I looked up, seeing Eugene Hutz on TV. It ended up being a great day indeed.

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