Saturday, October 23, 2010


“Boy, forget about the bling, here is a guitarra for you my little chavo, if you slave to kissing, you gotta play this thing. “  After listening to “Pala Tute” over and over again, I realized I am with Gogol Bordello on this one. It doesn’t mean that I believe anyone with mad guitar skills should go around kissing everyone, but that bling does not shine as much as someone’s inside. No, I do not believe guts and bones are shiny, I mean that other inside; the one that glasses can’t help you see. The inside that can only be seen, felt, by getting to know someone. It’s good to hang out with people who have mad guitar skills, or just people that can just make you laugh a lot; well, not just this but with many other qualities that cannot be bought.
 Hearing this wonderful song, made me realize how there are many times when we let money stop us from doing something. We think that money is a must, that we cannot have any fun otherwise.  We can have the same amount of fun with or without it. Instead of staying home because we are broke, we should invent things to do with our friends.  Next time, when someone invites us to do something and our pockets are empty, we should try to say “Let’s go run around with brooms instead.”
Pala Tute

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