Sunday, October 3, 2010

Start Wearing Purple

So, today I realized I love Gogol Bordello. It is one of the greatest bands, I have ever listened to. It all started with their song “Start Wearing Purple”; once I heard it, I was just amazed. It was just so original; I usually like pretty weird songs, so I just thought it was amazing. It just brought my spirits up. Then, I heard “American Wedding”, that song just awed me, there’s a dancer who is quite amazing. If you see this dancer, he will put a smile on your face. Once you see that video, I am sure you will know who I am talking about. I have no idea how I ended up finding them; well, now that I think of it they were mentioned in a magazine. The magazine said everyone should hear this band. Frankly, I agree. Their songs never seem to disappoint.
Today, I felt like listening to a new song; so, I ventured off into YouTube.  I saw the video”Immigraniada” (We Comin' Rougher). Seeing this video made me realize that I love this band. Seeing them work in factories, restaurants, and washing dishes made me see them in a new light. It showed me that they still care about where they come from. After seeing this video, I saw a link to an interview. At first I was confused, the interview is from PBS; in order to stop the confusion, I pressed the link. It led me to the discovery that my idea of this band being amazing, is true. It shows that this band actually does things to help. It has helped poor; tuberculosis carrying gypsies, improve their community. This is just such a noble thing to do. At the end, I noticed he has a bracelet with crayons on it, as if their good deeds weren’t enough, this put the icing on the cake.

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  1. You finally got me to listen to them and I have to say they're as bad as i assumed. Like i told you before, Gogol Bordello is my friend's favorite band and she always told me to listen to them but i never did. Then i met you and i thought well if so many people like them, they can't all be wrong about them so ill listen to them.

    Gogol Bordello is so unique in their style and they remind me a lot of Russia which is probably the point haha. Thank you for opening my eyes and shutting me up about how weird they were because now i think i like them very much.