Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Shall Start Eating Fish

So I’ve noticed that my memory is not what it used to be. In the past, by just hearing something once I would be able to recall it a couple of months later. I remember talking about some the things we were learning in U.S History, a month after we took the Advanced Placement Exam. Now, I can hardly remember the names of the people I meet. Just last week I tried to get my friend to ask girl what her name was. This is a tad sad, since I am the one who introduced them. This isn’t that bad though, what is bad is that I can’t remember how to solve my math problems…arrrgghhh, this sucks too much. Names aren’t that important, you won’t be tested on them, well not as harshly as those stupid math problems. I have been forgetting simple stuff too, like lyrics to all the songs I like. I used to be a mean, song playing machine. Now I can’t remember the ABCs, well never mind I can. Now I am just confused on what I have been forgetting, since I can’t remember what I forgot hahahaha.
I’ve been searching for the cure, well a cure I guess, the cure would mean just one, there’s always more than just one thing I think. Finding the cure instead of a cure would probably just remind me of The Cure and then I’d get depressed because one of the songs I forgot was by them, so instead of searching for the cure, I would just look up some lyrics……..Well  today I didn’t listen to The Cure but my mother brought me some fish. I t reminded me that supposedly it helps you with your memory. Now that I think about it, I used to be a fish loving gal, not as in having them for pets, but eating them whenever I had the chance. Maybe that’s all I need, maybe just maybe, eating some slimy fish will cure my memory disease. Well it isn’t a sickness, but hopefully I'll get rid of it. Eventually remembering, how to use this wooden spoon, never mind I use forks.


  1. Yes I did hahahaha. I shall change that now. Haha.

  2. Although fish supposedly aids in memory problems, i doubt that solely eating more will "cure" you. Some other suggestions that you may want to try are sleeping more, exercising, and practicing new ways of remembering. If you only had to listen to something once before and could remember it after that, you may have more on your plate that you have to remember now. In that case, try writing things down and looking back at them to recall certain parts of what you were learning. It could also have to do with stress, such as the stress of adjusting to college or the million other things that someone could be stressing about. I doubt that the loss of memory is from old age, but if that were the case, doing brain activities like sudoku and word puzzles usually help. Lastly, if you're going with the whole memory aiding diet, this site: has a lot of edible suggestions. Good luck with your memory!

  3. Man, I thought only fish helped your memory. But I cannot say that I am totally surprised about vegetables helping you too. But, cherries would not have crossed my mind, they are just so delicious. Now I have reason to buy baskets of them, ha-ha….well a few pounds. I will try doing word puzzles now, while munching on some cherries. Well now that I think of it, I always eat a bunch of onions; they are my favorite. Just yesterday I ate a zip lock bag full of them. Now; I see , how just by eating I won’t be “cured”. If that was the case, just by the amount of onions I consume I wouldn’t have this problem. Now I will definitely do word puzzles and sleep more. Thanks for your suggestions. =)