Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mom says "Run to the Bush"

On a sunny Saturday, my mother and I were walking back home. We were waiting to cross the street, when we heard a lady scream “NOOOO!”  I looked back , to my left, and saw that the lady was running downstairs, carrying her son. My mom told me to hurry up, so we crossed the street in a flash. Once we reached the other street, we heard about four gun shots. I kept walking, lowering myself to the ground. My mom did too, but instead of running behind a little wall, she went under a bush.  My mom kept telling me to go under the bush with her.  I chose not to listen to her, well, I was too scared. Then, about twenty  seconds later, we see three guys running our way. One of them ran to the alley, another behind a bush, and the other one was standing in front of me. He was tall, dark, and anything but handsome. At this point I was super scared. I remember saying “Go the other way”, or at least thinking about it. Eventually, they all left. Three minutes later, I was still scared and shaking a bit. Once I calmed down, I told one of my friends what had happened. He then told me that next time, I better listen to my mom. If I would have listened to my mom, I wouldn’t have been so scared. I wouldn’t have thought about them,  coming back to shoot me, because they knew that a pink haired girl saw them running away from the scene.

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