Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Straight Dope Makes us See....

             A few weeks ago, searching for an answer to a question I cannot remember now, I came upon “The Straight Dope”. It is a website that is a bit on the fascinating side. It seems as if they have the answers to any questions we might have, even the ones that we haven’t even thought about. Since they answer any question, no matter how nutty it might seem, it is quite interesting to just browse their database. By just clicking on “READ a random Straight Dope column” we can have some of our questions answered. Well, we can at least read the questions other people have. I find myself clicking this link all the time, in the end I find myself asking “Jesenia, why didn’t you ask this yourself? You obviously didn’t know the answer.”
            So far, there is one question that has caught my attention the most. It is “How did Scott conclude its toilet tissue lasted 28% longer?” While reading this, I asked myself “Why didn’t you; the person that used to question the sound of silence, ask this?” Seeing Scott’s commercials at least once a month, just makes me think: wow, I should get that kind to save a few bucks, never thinking about it being true or not. I never think about people actually doing research on this. But now I found an answer to a question I never had, and a greater question came with this. How do people end up with these jobs? Testing toilet paper seems fun. Well, this isn’t such a great question. Now another one comes to mind.
            Seeing how I don’t question such weird things like this, I ask myself “when did I stop being curios?” In the past I would question everything, I can recall a time when a teacher told us to be quiet; he wanted to hear silence. Like a smarty pants I asked “How can you hear silence?”  Now, I don’t question as many things as before. I want to know if this happens to everyone as they get older. Or if it is just my brain; letting socks in its drawers, without even asking if they fit.
The Straight Dope

THe Straight Dope: How did Scott....

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