Saturday, October 30, 2010


Searching for something new, I came upon “Katzenjammer”. It’s an all girl, Norwegian band.  My first thoughts were hey! This chick has an afro, how cool!  After hearing “Hey Ho on the Devils Back” I was in awe. They sound very different, well, at least compared to the bands I usually listen to. “Hey Ho on the Devils Back” is a song about taking a ride on the devils back, well, not really.  It says how we are all human, so we make choices that are not the  best at times, and in the end, we just want our “souls” to be saved. It makes you think about all those time when you know you are doing something bad, but you do not stop doing it, knowing there is always a chance for forgiveness. Also, it reminds you a bit of the times when you have to give up something you really love, in order to save something greater. Even though it reminds you of things that are not so sparkly, it does not put you down. One of the things it does do, is give you the courage to walk through the big dark woods, even without a glowing stick. Some of their other songs that might end up putting a smile on your face are. “A Bar In Amsterdam”, and “Tea With Cinnamon”.

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