Saturday, November 13, 2010


Today I was walking with my mother and I told her “Mom, I think I have worms, I’ve been eating so much, yet my stomach feels empty.”  She just laughed a bit, I guess she just thought it was an excuse to eat more or something, or that I was playing around, I tend to tell her strange stuff. But still, I began thinking about parasites. For this past week I have been eating A LOT. On Friday two of my friends, and I went to Islands. One of them wanted to get take out, but I said” Noooooo, I want a million fries.” (They have unlimited fries.) Luckily, we ate there, but in the end I wasn’t full at all. I was left wondering if I would have actually eaten a million fries if we stayed there longer, probably not, but I know I would have devoured a lot more. Once I got home my mother was cooking, and it smelled very, very good, so I ate a large bowl of it (some pasta thing I don’t know that name of).  Still, I wasn’t full. A bit later, well, three hours later I ate a giant burrito. I thought it would get me full, but did it? No. Now I really think worms are invading my stomach.  It isn’t a nice thought at all.
            About a hundred years ago, well too long ago for me to remember, I saw a show about parasites. It kept me glued to the screen, even though it was somewhat nasty. (seeing people evacuate worms isn’t nice at all).They were showing a lot of  worms in peoples’ brain, heart(I think), and eyes. Imagine that, looking at your reflection one day, seeing a tiny, thin, white worm taking a ride in your eye. I don’t know about you, but I’d be scared to death. That would mean those little suckers are in your brain, eating everything they encounter. I’d like to keep my brain bite free, so I definitely don’t want that. Seeing this show would make many want to get rid of these visitors. You can see what you can eat to eliminate parasites .

Oh! Well it turns out parasites are not to blame for my appetite increase, if I had parasites I would actually have a smaller appetite. Still, it would not hurt  trying  to kill these visitors, if I do have them that is.

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