Sunday, November 7, 2010

Going Metro, Kinda


             For the past week I have had to go Metro in order to get to school. At first I was scared that I was not going to make it in time, but thanks to Metro Regional Trip Planner I get to school twenty minutes earlier than what I normally do. The first day I had to ride the bus in the morning (like at 6:30), I was amazed at how packed it was. I would think most people would be sleeping, well never mind everyone has to work and all, but still, I thought it would be empty. But it was so packed that there was nowhere to sit.
As I was standing, hoping for a seat to be released, I couldn’t help but laugh. Standing is not what made me laugh, but remembering all the things I have seen happen in a bus. It seems as there isn’t a day when a ride on a bus can go on normally. Every time, well many times I ride the bus I have a new story to tell my friends. I can recall an old, bald man, wearing a green coat taking off his shoes while he waited for his stop. The smell managed to reach everyone, you could see everyone covering their noses, but I just laughed. Later on, he stood up, and was opening all the windows, a few minutes later he just closed them, he said something about catching a cold. There have been many times when a man in a wheel chair is miraculously cured at his stop. I guess weird people become free somehow when they ride a bus, for this I’m thankful, it gives many passengers the chance to laugh. Well, at least I laugh at most of the things that go on in a bus. So yeah, I was wondering if you had any stories you would like to share of the times you have ridden a bus.

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