Sunday, November 21, 2010


                Today is another year I have had Pinky by my side. Pinky is my dog, I do not know what breed she is; she’s a mixed with Chihuahua I guess, that’s what the vet said. Anyways, it does not matter I would still love her is she was an elephant, even a skunk. She was a birthday present from some strangers.  These strangers have given me the greatest gift of all. Having her companion for the past seven years has been great. When I wake she goes and sees me, I feel it as if it’s her way of saying good morning. I think it’s the sweetest good morning one can receive. She’s mean and I like it, well, I don’t dislike it like my brother. Every time he picks a fight with me she barks at him, and she has even bitten him ha-ha. If that’s not love, then I don’t know what is. Well, yeah, she is the best dog ever. When I think of her becoming old, and eventually dying it’s really sad. I don’t know if it’s because I love her so much, or because, well never mind it’s because I love her haha.
                Last week she stole a bone from me! Now, this isn’t bad most of the times, but, she almost choked. At first, she was making her little I am going to bite you face, but I guess eventually she found out if she didn’t open up she would die. So, I put my hand in her throat, but nothing was found. At this point I started panicking, so did my mom. I was like” maaa! Ma!! “and she put her hand in her throat too! (not at the same time, separately)But,  yet again, nothing . Her tongue was turning purple and she started to throw out a lot of saliva. Then I almost cried, I don’t how, but I ended outside of my house. Thank god I did, by going outside I saw where the bone was at. It was at her mouth roof, well I don’t know what you call it but it was there. Now I see that I need good lighting in my living room. If I wouldn’t have gone out to the sunlight, a big piece of my heart would be missing, yeah, it sounds pretty lame but it’s true. Without her I wouldn’t have a reason to feed my brother dog cookies. This thanksgiving I’m thankful for Pinky; my main “dawg”, not dying.

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  1. Oh god, that sounds terrible. My dog also gave me my fair share of scares. One time she hurt her back real bad by straining one of her spinal discs. Have no idea how that happened, but it did. I’m always in a panic when I see my dog coughing, due to the fear that she’s choking on something. That’s why my family tries to keep her away from bones. Yeah, I totally understand the connection a dog and owner have with one another. My little one always pounces on my bed in the morning to say “Hey! Get up!” Dogs are awesome and I’m glad your pup’s okay!